Name: Neha Kannoth

Department: Emirates woman

Role: Senior Sales Manager

In Motivate since: 2019

Why should we trust your recommendation? Books are personal to each reader, so while I am able to recommend a book, the experience would be unique for each. However, I am on a mission to read 100 books this year, and am currently on my 40th. The book I am recommending has mass appeal and is a bestseller too! 

• • •

My Recommendation: Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark T. Sullivan

Why did I pick this book? I enjoy biographical novels. This book has equal parts of history mixed with a real life story written as a novel. It is about a young Italian boy and his life during WWII. The story is engaging, emotional and heart-wrenching all at the same time. The characters and experiences are detailed and kept me intrigued throughout.  

What do I love about it? I loved that the story is about a young courageous protagonist, Pino Lella, who is trying his best to do the right things during World War II in Nazi-occupied Milan. The story is one of love, passion, courage and survival – everything that I love in a book.

What do I hate about it? The writing style is a bit juvenile, and some parts can seem a bit of a stretch. The book is an easy read, with too many ‘close calls’, and some people might not entirely enjoy this.

Best read during? A relaxed vacation.

Value for money? Yes

How many stars would you rate it? 3.5/5


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