Getting published

Welcome to Motivate Media Group’s authors’ corner. We have published a wide range of books by a number of acclaimed authors and photographers from the region, and we are happy to consider any project that you think will fit in with our profile. We are always open to exploring new avenues.

To have your manuscript considered for publication, please send us a book proposal which includes:

  1. A covering email
  2. A suggested table of contents
  3. A short synopsis of the book
  4. Sample chapters (minimum of 2)
  5. Any other details such as umber of words, target audience, leads for potential sponsor, etc.
  6. Your biography

If you are a photographer and have a good idea for a pictorial but do not have any text to accompany your images, we would love to see some of your photographs. Please send us the following:

  1. Low resolution images of your work
  2. Book proposal and objectives
  3. Any other relevant details such as number of words, target audience, etc.
  4. Your biography

We are happy to receive ideas for manuscripts that are still in the conception phase, as well as manuscripts that are finished – our team will assess and discuss your proposal and get back to you with a decision.

Important notice:

As your publishing partner, our aim is to fund our authors’ work and where suitable, to secure the right sponsorship for big projects. With the influx of projects in recent years, we now advise our authors to look into alternative ways to secure funding, whether through self-sponsorship or external sponsorship. This, we guarantee, will help facilitate and speed up the process of publishing your book!

For more information about Sponsorship, click here.

To submit your manuscript, please email your complete submission to [email protected] and we will get back to you.