It has been three weeks since the Hope Probe began its seven-month journey to Mars, becoming not only the UAE’s but the Arab world’s first mission to the red planet.

The Hope probe is set to study the planet’s weather and provide the most comprehensive, holistic picture of Mars’ climate, which can potentially lead to life-changing discoveries and advancements. Almost every sector of human progress has benefited from space exploration, from the development of portable computers, camera phones and Nike Air trainers to CAT scans and research into our health.

Our speakers discuss reporting stories in these changed, strange times.

His Excellency Zaki Nusseibeh is the UAE’s Minister of State at the Office of Public and Cultural Diplomacy and has been active in government service since 1968, in many key positions including interpreter and advisor to UAE’s presidents. He has also served as Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation at the Foreign Ministry and Cultural Advisor at the UAE Presidential Court.

Dr Farouk El-Baz is an Egyptian-American NASA scientist and geologist, and member of the Advisory Council of Distinguished Scientists and Technologists to the President of Egypt.