Name: Hassan Ali

Department: Books Division

Role: Account Manager

In Motivate since: 2013

Why should we trust your recommendation? I read very selective books and the reason I chose this book as it was recommended by thePrime Minister of Pakistan.

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My Recommendation: The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

Why did I pick this book?

The theme of the book is Sufism and preaching the religion of love. The main character, Shams of Tabriz, is a traveling dervish, while Rumi is a great scholar. I am not sure if this is a book that can be truly appreciated unless you are in a spirituality welcoming mood.            

What do I love about it? 

The book is full of lessons while telling a beautiful story of all kinds of love. After reading a particular chapter in this particular book, I had to put it down and absorb what I had just read, taking longer than I would have with any other book.

What do I hate about it? Nothing

Best read during? Sufism is a huge theme in this book, and this was what made it special. Reading The Forty Rules of Love during Ramadan was the best time.

Value for money? Definitely.

How many stars would you rate it? 5/5


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