Last month saw the opening of one of the much anticipated buildings in Sharjah, the House of Wisdom (HoW) which celebrated the emirate's year-long tenure as UNESCO World Book Capital of 2019. 

Inspired by the original Grand Library of Baghdad, this edition is an iconic architectural marvel located near the University City of Sharjah, with 15 lobbies and halls across two storeys designed as a space for learning, sharing, and creating. Designed by Foster + Partners, HoW will feature over 300,000 books, more than half of which are in digital format, alongside other resources such as a fabrication lab, reading pods and other collaborative spaces. 

Also launching the space is Iraqi artist Wafaa Bilal's solo exhibition"168:01" which expresses the loss of more than 70,000 books in a fire at the College of Fine Arts at University of Baghdad back in 2003. Visitors are invited to buy a blank, white book by the artist and replace it one a real book bought at the library in order to restore library collections across Baghdad.  


The exhibition is on view until 21 March, 2021. Make sure you pass by and donate a book.