David Peterson gave this passionate and hilarious talk at TEDxBerkeley in 2019, showing how studying, preserving and inventing new languages helps us understand our collective humanity. He also gives a quick lesson on High Valyrian, one of two languages he created for the extremely popular Game of Thrones (along with Dothraki).

He says, "Civilisation rests upon the existence of language. ... Language is not merely a tool. It is our legacy, it is our way of conveying what it means to be human."

David Peterson creates languages for television shows, for films and for fun. He continues to work in Hollywood and lives in Orange County with his wife, daughter and two cats. He has previously appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and given talks at Google and EG. He has written two books, Living Language Dothraki in 2014 and The Art of Language Invention in 2015. His other works include Netflix's The Witcher and the upcoming remake of Dune.