Name: Anusha Azees

Department: Events and Marketing

Role: Group Marketing Manager - Digital

In Motivate since: 2015 

Why should we trust your recommendation? Book recommendations are personal. The beauty of reading a book is to just dive in and experience it for yourself. In many ways, it is a leap of faith. You may love it, like it, learn something new from it or just experience a whole new world and come back to reality. I’m currently doing a book a month challenge and trying to explore different genres. So, my recommendation would be the last book I read.

• • •

My Recommendation: Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez

Why did I pick this book? In a world where we are increasingly talking about equality in all aspects of life, Invisible Women is a fascinating non-fiction read that helps us understand how the gender data gap is impacting life around us from algorithms to public policy to modern medicine to workplace corporate policies. I picked this book because it brought together two of my favourite interest areas – gender equality and data. 

What do I love about it? The book is fairly well-researched and informative. It will make you think why representation of women is still an issue and how we are nowhere close to making this world gender equal. It covers a range of areas from public policy to economics to medicine, workplace and more where taking into account gendered data helps craft smarter policies and also adds to economic gains. Also, there’s an audiobook version of the book.

What do I hate about it? Men may not necessarily read it.

Best read during? When you feel like you want to learn something new.

Value for money? Yes

How many stars would you rate it? 3.5/5

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