Name: Greg Wilson

Department: Books 

Role: Publishing Director

In Motivate since: 12th Jan 2020

Why should we trust your recommendation? Because I have a wide and eclectic range of books.

• • •

My Recommendation: Lawrence in Arabia: War, deceit, imperial folly and the making of the modern Middle East by Scott Anderson

Why did I pick this book? I thought it would be good to kick off this series of articles with a book relevant to the region. (That and the fact it’s a good read).

What do I love about it? Anderson does a wonderful job of condensing a huge amount of complex information and presenting a compelling narrative about the creation of the Middle East. The historical cast of characters are expertly brought to life through meticulous research and great writing.

What do I hate about it? The body text font size is too small. It reminded me that I need to get reading glasses. (Then I just bought the Kindle version so problem solved.)

Best read during? Travelling for business, (rather than pleasure).

Value for money? Yes – it is a few years old now, so there are cheaper paperback and Kindle (e-reader) versions also available.

How many stars would you rate it? Four out of five

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