Name: Clarkwin Cruz

Department: Editorial

Role: Art Director of Golf Digest Middle East

In Motivate since: 2008

Why should we trust your recommendation? I’m not a bookworm but when I keep a book it sure is worth it. I have a handful in my bookshelf and this one is the best for me.

• • •


My Recommendation: The Way of the Shepherd by Kevin Leman and William Pentak

Why did I pick this book?

My childhood friend, Tristan, gave me this book more than a decade ago when I went back to Dubai after a short vacation. It was a perfect time when I started to handle interns and juniors in the office. I find it very useful in improving my character development towards other people and myself. This book demonstrates how leaders can best care for their people.            

What do I love about it? 

It taught me how to value people around me no matter what level they belong. I love how the author demonstrated the management techniques that will make you a truly outstanding leader. And I wanted to share it with everyone.

What do I hate about it? Nothing. I just hoped all leaders think as the shepherd does. There must be loads of motivated, loyal and excellent sheep out there.

Best read during? This is a quick read. I suggest you practise it after you read it.

Value for money? Yes, especially if someone is working under your supervision.

How many stars would you rate it? 5/5


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Order the book directly from Book Depository.