Name: Mona Motamedi

Department: Events & Marketing

Role: Senior Events Manager

In Motivate since: 2016

Why should we trust your recommendation? I have a huge collection of books comprising mostly mystery novels and there was a time I’d read one book a month!

• • •

My Recommendation: Before I Go to Sleep by S. J. Watson

Why did I pick this book? It was given to me by a complete stranger that I met on a night out, who made me promise to write my name and the date inside the book when I’m done and pass it on to someone else.

What do I love about it? I love reading mystery books and this turned out to be exactly the kind of book that would have me hooked. You just want to reach inside and protect the main character. It’s definitely unputdownable! If I still had it I’d read it again.

What do I hate about it? The first few chapters seem repetitive but it is crucial to the storyline.

Best read during? Bedtime reading is my favourite so that’s what I’d suggest. Also because it’s relevant to the title.

Value for money? I got mine for free :) but I also passed it on as promised.

How many stars would you rate it? 4.5/5

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