Name: Asad Abou Orm

Department: Books Division

Role: Account Manager

In Motivate since: 2020

Why should we trust your recommendation? I'm a curious person and I like to discover new things. The rest is up to you!

• • •

My Recommendation: Poems from the Desert by H.H. Shk Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Why did I pick this book? Out of curiosity.

What do I love about it? It's a book with short poems that keeps you attentive and entertained. Unlike some poetry books with long poems that can get a bit boring, this book is charming and allows you to reflect on the poet's words. 

What do I hate about it? Funny enough, I am not a big fan of poetry books. I prefer mystery and fiction.

Best read during? Weekends – when the mind is relaxed.

Value for money? Absolutely!

How many stars would you rate it? 4 stars

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