Name: Ángel Monroy

Department: Gulf Business

Role: Art Director

In Motivate since: January 2016

Why should we trust your recommendation? Although I’m more of a politics and foreign affairs reader, I’ve been lucky enough to run into some good novels, which I always share with friends, and so far, no one has complained. 

• • •

My Recommendation: The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Shafak

Why did I pick this book? While selecting from my library the books that would fly with me across the world to Dubai, I wanted a novel with a link to the region, and tadaaa La Bastarda de Estambul (its Spanish title) popped and I grabbed it. It was one of only 10 books I brought with me to the UAE when I moved. No worries, they multiplied already (or did they?).

What do I love about it? The city, Istanbul, itself becomes a character in the novel, something I had always imagined but was only able to see beautifully presented in this book. The story becomes a bit complex as it involves tough family situations, but at the same time it puts under the spotlight numerous taboos that our societies tend to hide under the mat.

What do I hate about it? Don’t hate (just dislike maybe), it’s bad for your mental health – the only reason!

Best read during? A holiday; I had the mind space to go through the story and process the challenges the heroine is facing. Also, if you like the book you’d automatically connect it with your holiday experience, in my case it was Mumbai. Oh, the memories.

Value for money? You should never ask this question when it comes to a book, it’s haram. Culture and knowledge are priceless.

How many stars would you rate it? 4.5/5

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