If you're a poetry and spoken word fan in the UAE, you have to get familiar with this homegrown initiative promoting poetry and creative writing – The Poetryhood Movement.

It was founded in 2016 by Jamil Adas, a young Palestinian/Canadian poet living in Dubai. Adas wanted to share his love of the written word with other like-minded aspiring poets in the city after returning from his studies abroad. He started writing poetry in university and says that he always felt a little embarrassed to share his work with the public. Until he came back and got inspired by the hidden talents that were growing in the city.

His vision is simple, create a branch of poetry in every Arab city in the world!

The Poetryhood is truly that one space that is doing everything to celebrate the written word. Starting with a database of poetry submissions, where every month Adas selects a collection of poems that go into the bimonthly newsletter. These poems are paired with an artwork that's also submitted by a member of the public and is shared on the Poetryhood's social media pages to get the art community involved as well.

Adas also organizes spoken word events where a group of performers get up on stage and share their pieces to a crowd that is always encouraging. In the last four years, The Poetryhood has put together over 10 poetry nights, starting with a handful of performers, to scene regulars who have amassed their own celebrity status and fanbase, such as Farah Chamma, Dana Dajani, Jayzus, Yaz, Maher Gidwani, Namal Siddiqui and many others.  

The Poetryhood often participates in major cultural events such as Sikka and Jaddaf Aloud! while teaming up with other art spaces to provide writing workshops for aspiring writers.

You can view all past events on The Poetryhood's YouTube page, and follow the Instagram page to get the updates on the next events while browsing through a fantastic selection of poetry and art. 

Here's a snippet from a powerful poetry night at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature this year, where The Poetryhood teamed up with international poets such as Carlos Andres Gomez and Harry Baker.