The Turtle Secret

The Turtle Secret
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The Turtle Secret tells the story of a ten-year-old Arab girl, Hessa, and her mission to save the turtles. When Hessa rescues a turtle in the market, she takes it straight to her uncle, a marine biologist. She finds herself captivated by these incredible sea creatures and their precarious way of life. But with a sister about to get married and a father still grieving after her mother's death, Hessa finds that no one at home has time for her and her passion for turtles. The book also touches on common themes that resonate with contemporary readers, such as the local culture and the wildlife of the region, as well as the role of women in Emirati society.

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978 1 86063 350 8
About the Author

Julia Johnson came to Dubai in 1975 and soon became a familiar face, reading children's books on Dubai Channel 33, and subsequently appearing on the BBC and in radio productions in the UK. Her first book, Let's Visit the United Arab Emirates, was published in 1987. Julia has subsequently written over a dozen stories, including The Pearl Diver, A Gift of the Sands and The Peacock and the Mermaid. Her book, The Leopard Boy, was lauded by former Children's Laureate and award-winning author of children's books Michael Morpurgo as "a beautiful story, a wise and wonderfully told tale". Julia also won the Best Children's Book Award at the 2014 Sharjah International Book Fair for The Turtle Secret. Julia's stories frequently focus on the history and culture of the Arabian Peninsula. She is keen to preserve and continue the oral tradition of storytelling, and to encourage an awareness of the rich and colourful heritage of the Gulf through her writing.

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More Information
Author NameJulia Johnson
ISBN978 1 86063 350 8
Extent104 pages
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