SAND: A Photographic Depiction of the Arabian Desert

SAND: A Photographic Depiction of the Arabian Desert
Anthony Lamb
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SAND: A Photographic Depiction of the Arabian Desert features a collection of images all captured between 2016 and 2020 in the deserts of Arabia. The photographs in this book portray the fascinating transition of the landscape, as the desert continuously evolves and transforms itself daily. An image taken today will never be exactly the same tomorrow – a reflection of the gratifying and profoundly idiosyncratic nature of this beautiful landscape that reflects the unrepeatable experiences that can be experienced only in the desert.

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Anthony Lamb is a UK and UAE-based photographer with seventeen years of experience and over forty international photography awards. He incorporates a minimalistic approach within his photography and this simplicity shifts our perspective, so the imagery is less about the actual place and more about the emotional state. He makes use of negative space and an ethereal aesthetic to provide the viewer with a sense of serenity and calm when looking at his photographs, thus sharing the emotions of the moments he captures. His postproduction style offers pastel expressionism to further soothe the soul, giving the viewer the opportunity of escape into the purest essence of solitude. Anthony is drawn to water and open space: this narrative can be seen in many of his photographs. He says, “My wish is to offer different frames of reference that transport you to a place that is suspended between reality and your imagination.”

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Author NameAnthony Lamb
Extent156 pages
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