A. M. Kherbash
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The sight of the body did not sicken Ben. Not right away. Guilt was what got him: the mounting consequences rising in his throat, and the truth which would inevitably come spilling out.

Two men are dispatched to make a delivery. It was a straightforward assignment: take the sealed cargo—a container roughly the size of a child’s casket—and deliver it to a reclusive specialist residing in a lakeside cabin. What this specialist did or specialized in was never mentioned. Not that it mattered, when the task was simple—simple enough that even a young and inexperienced bureaucrat like Ben could handle it. If only he weren’t charged with keeping an eye on his wayward senior.

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About the Author

A. M. Kherbash enjoys telling stories in one form or another. Born and raised in Dubai, she worked as a freelance graphic designer and art director for over ten years, during which her work was featured online and in print. She began working on her debut novel, Lesath, in 2015, which was then first published in 2019. Her second book is Shaula, published in 2021.

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Author NameA. M. Kherbash
Extent304 pages
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