Grandma's Marmalade: True Recipes for a Life in Harmony

Grandma's Marmalade: True Recipes for a Life in Harmony
Mark Dickinson
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This is a delightful story that shares the life of Grandma as she goes through the journey from giving away her marmalade as a gift, to running a major business.

Mark is a business consultant and strategist and shares over 35 years of love for managing people through this book.

This story is charming and enjoyable. The allure of making marmalade in a traditional kitchen creates a sense of wellbeing and optimism.

Chapter 1 Marmalade
Chapter 2 Old Bessy
Chapter 3 Even More Marmalade
Chapter 4 Overcoming Calamity
Chapter 5 Grandma's Decision
Chapter 6 The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 7 The Storm
Chapter 8 Learning to Listen
Chapter 9 How to Make Perfect Marmalade
Chapter 10 The Big Plan
Chapter 11 The Factory
Chapter 12 The Golden Jar
Chapter 13 Grandma's Birthday

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About the Author

Mark Dickinson is motivational speaker and a certified coach who leads others by example.
With over 35 years management experience, he weaves an interesting web, created through personal experience and care for others, to take the reader on a path to a better way of living.

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More Information
Author NameMark Dickinson
Extent157 pages
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