Welcome to Motivate Publishing’s authors' corner. We have published a wide range of books by a number of acclaimed authors and photographers from the region. We are happy to consider any project that you think will fit in with our current list. We are always open to exploring new avenues.

To have your manuscript considered for publication, you will need to send us a book proposal including a cover letter, a short chapter-by-chapter/section-by-section synopsis of the book and any other information you are able to provide, i.e. number of words, target audience etc. This will give us a better idea of you and your background, and whether you have any specific experience with the type of project you’re proposing. This will also help us understand what your book is about and how we could go about placing it in the market.

If you have started producing a book but haven’t finished it yet, you can still send your proposal to us. 

If you are a photographer and have a really good idea for a pictorial, but do not have any text to accompany your images, please tell us about yourself and your work. We would love to see some of your images, so do feel free to send a few in low resolution for our consideration. Please also tell us your objectives for the book.

Our team will discuss your proposal and we will reply to you with our decision as soon as possible. Please note that considering proposals is not something we take lightly. Please be patient, as the process might take six to eight weeks.

You can post your proposal to us at: Submissions, Books Department, Motivate Publishing, PO Box 2331, Dubai, UAE


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