The Life of Elie Saab

The Life of Elie Saab
Suhair Sultan (with illustrations by Cath Donaldson)
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Elie Saab’s early life was full of dramatic events that fuelled his determination to create a better life for his family. With his roots firmly planted in the beautiful mountains of Lebanon, his attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship, he is today one of the most prominent international fashion designers of his generation. His clothes are worn by celebrities worldwide and his bridal gowns have become a status symbol in bridal wear. This huge international success has never made him forget where he came from.

This is his inspiring story.

With gorgeous illustrations and a beautifully designed cover, this is a book that will appeal to young readers.

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About the Author

Suhair Sultan is a Structural Engineer with a passion for positive change through the power of storytelling. She inherited her love of books and history from her late father, a professor of Political Science who specialised in Middle Eastern/Gulf studies. Growing up in the UK, she witnessed first-hand, the life changing effect positive roles models can have on children. She plans to bring the inspirational stories of people in our region to readers everywhere.

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More Information
Author NameSuhair Sultan (with illustrations by Cath Donaldson)
Extent32 pages
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